When you need to transport goods to or from Russia, think about two things.

  1. Moving goods through Finland requires only one border crossing and
  2. Lampén transports products to and from Russia safely and efficiently every day so they know what they are doing.

For centuries, geography has allowed Finland to be a viable trade partner to Russia. Over the past decades, Finland has invested in maximizing its public services and infrastructure. As a result, Finnish ports operate swiftly and cost-effectively and the overall transportation network in Finland is one of the best in Europe. Moving goods via Finland to Russia requires only one border crossing saving time money and paper work.

Incoming cargoes are quickly unloaded in the Finnish ports. A proven fact is that sea freight to Finland and the connecting transport by rail or road to Russia is the fastest and the safest transportation alternative. Lampén knows through long experience how to efficiently use the road arteries to the east, e.g. goods can be transported to St.Petersburg overnight. Their trucks are state-of-the-art – all equipped with GPS navigation and cellular or satellite telephones. Using Lampén for your transportation needs to Russia ensures that a trusted, long-established western company will be in charge of your Russia-bound cargo until it safely reaches its final destination.